The Ripple Foundation is focused on poverty alleviation.  This generally leads us to improving access to health, education and income for the disadvantaged in international communities. We aim to distribute at least ninety percent of funds to international programs working in these areas. Smaller donations to other areas are assessed on an individual basis.

what does our funding look like?

We generally provide unrestricted funding.  This stems from our preference to support organisations and their people rather than specific projects.  We believe the organisations we support are far better positioned than us to decide where the money is most needed.


Our funding is generally for three year periods.  While much can be done in a year we find that much more than that is required to have a true impact.  We will often renew our commitment after the three years.


Wherever possible we ask for your generic reporting.  We don't want to tie up your resources with unnecessary work.  We prefer to get most of our information through converstations.


We like to visit your work when we can.


what size organisation do we support?

From very small to medium.  We have a Grassroots portfolio of locally led organisations that are not listed on the Partners page that have annual budgets from under $US100,000 to $US1million.  The largest organisations we generally support have annual budgets of up to $US15milliom.